,,Anfangen ist leicht, Beharren eine Kunst.“

― German proverb

“I'd love to be a professor who is inspired by his students, colleagues and friends, and returns the favour to ignite their explosive endeavour to advance human knowledge.”

― Yün reflects upon teaching ECE 486

“If you encourage people, you do more good than in any other way because you are releasing them the life force that makes them want to do things. When I see all these other people doing things, I am inspired by it. And I think at least what I can do is to shine some of their courage back to them. If on my grave stone when I die there are just simple words ‘Tony Benn, he encouraged us’ I would regard that as a sufficient justification for what I have done. ”

― Tony Benn, Will and Testament

“Denis was a loner [in politics]. He was not smoothing. He was a counter smoother... A lot of people have the feeling that Denis didn't think ‘You are up to it’; ‘you are not quite good enough,’ and they didn't like that. They were second rate people who wanted to be appreciated as first rate people. And Denis wouldn't make that mistake.”

― Shirley Williams on Denis Healey, BBC—Denis Healey: Best Prime Minister Labour Never Had?

“Unless you have a massive reserve and read a lot, you cannot create anything out of nothing. ”

― Kurosawa Akira, Oshima Nagisa meets Kurosawa Akira, an interview

“By minimalism, we mean to put up the least amount of possible obstacles in the path of telling a story; however, in order to achieve this, we might inexorably max out our effort.”

― Unknown

“If you want to promote an idea, you don't claim a sole ownership and sell it; you share it with others.”

― Unknown

“From grade school to grad school, it sounds you did not progress that much because you simply dropped the letter ‘e’ which might stand for ‘elementary’ but also could have meant ‘expressive’."

― Unknown

“Any technological advances without a moral compass are no less disastrous than nuclear weapons.”

― Unknown

“There is no Cloud; it is just somebody else's computer.”

― Unknown on excessive internet marketing