,,Anfangen ist leicht, Beharren eine Kunst.“

― German proverb

“If you encourage people, you do more good than in any other way because you are releasing them the life force that makes them want to do things. When I see all these other people doing things, I am inspired by it. And I think at least what I can do is to shine some of their courage back to them. If on my grave stone when I die there are just simple words ‘Tony Benn, he encouraged us’ I would regard that as a sufficient justification for what I have done.

“The greatest lesson of socialism said, it was not about the conflict between men and women, or black and white, or Muslim and Christian. It was a conflict between the majority of the population of the world who created the world's wealth and the minority who own and control the world's wealth.

“Weak governments like war because it very often makes them look strong and tough, that is one of the things we have to watch very carefully, who wants war: the arms manufacturers, weak political leaders, newspaper editors who are looking for better circulation. Helping people understand the ingredients of war is one of the ways in which we could make wars less likely. ”

― Tony Benn, Will and Testament

“And of course, the waste of skill, some of the most brilliant scientists and engineers in the world are working on methods of death instead of means of life, and billions and billions and billions of pounds are wasted on weapons that could have saved lives.”

― Tony Benn, Arms Sales to Iraq, Parliamentary Speech

“Denis was a loner [in politics]. He was not smoothing. He was a counter smoother... A lot of people have the feeling that Denis didn't think ‘You are up to it’; ‘you are not quite good enough,’ and they didn't like that. They were second rate people who wanted to be appreciated as first rate people. And Denis wouldn't make that mistake.”

― Shirley Williams on Denis Healey, BBC—Denis Healey: Best Prime Minister Labour Never Had?

“When productive capacity grew faster than consumer demand, there was very soon an excess of this capacity (relative to consumer demand), and, hence, there were few profitable domestic investment outlets. Foreign investment was the only answer. But, insofar as the same problem existed in every industrialized capitalist country, such foreign investment was possible only if non-capitalist countries could be ‘civilized’, ‘Christianized’, and ‘uplifted’ — that is, if their traditional institutions could be forcefully destroyed, and the people coercively brought under the domain of the ‘invisible hand’ of market capitalism. So, imperialism was the only answer.”

― E.K. Hunt, History of Economic Thought, 2nd ed. page 355

“Unless you have a massive reserve and read a lot, you cannot create anything out of nothing. ”

― Kurosawa Akira, Oshima Nagisa meets Kurosawa Akira, an interview

『気付いたのは牛の歩調が、 日本の牛より遅いということだった、 スイスの人に「これは変だ」と、 思われるものだけは作りたくなかった。』

― Miyazaki Hayao recalls Takahata Isao's world of Heidi


― Tuan Ch'i-jui, Last Will and Testament

“Nothing destroys spirit like poverty; but if there is one thing you can set free when incarcerated by impoverishment, please do not let your imagination be kept down. ”

― Unknown

“The point of a modern conservative party is that when imminent radical socioeconomic and technological changes loom large, they would lend those who lag behind a helping hand and be a vindictive voice for those underrepresented. But as of now, it seems most Conservatives have been taking the literal meaning of the word, hence imposing their political platform as a major roadblock to any meaningful progress.”

― Unknown

“There is a five-percent theory which says only five percent of the population know merely five percent of what they are talking about, of course, on five percent of all occasions.”

― Unknown

“By minimalism, we mean to put up the least amount of possible obstacles in the path of telling a story; however, in order to achieve this, we might inexorably max out our effort.”

― Unknown

“There are generally two groups of people in this world—one group is busy turning robots into human beings and the other group is busy turning human beings into robots.”

― Unknown

“Any technological advances without a moral compass are no less disastrous than nuclear weapons.”

― Unknown

“Being something is not an achievement; doing something can be.”

― Unknown

“There is no Cloud; it is just somebody else's computer.”

― Unknown